pondSoup specializes in graphic design, web development, and marketing for nonprofits, including 501(c)3 organizations, state colleges and universities, charitable foundations, educational groups, NGO's, and fundraising initiatives. We've designed non profit logos, promotional materials and web sites for groups and causes locally and internationally; and worked to develop several organizations' brand identities from the ground-up. Nonprofit marketing requires a specific creative skill-set, and our team understands the enthusiasm behind our clients' causes, carefully capturing the underlying mission in all of our work.

We excel at providing creative solutions within the budgets, time-frames, and organizational structures inherent to nonprofits and fundraising, and offer discounted rates and development options for 501(c)3 organizations.

We have designed hundreds of pieces of print marketing collateral for nonprofit organizations; promoting fundraisers, programs, awareness, events, and their missions – always on-time and on-budget (which we know is a huge consideration).

Event Marketing Collateral Design for Goddard Riverside Community Center
FC Barcelona Nonprofit fundraiser Website Design by pondSoup

Nonprofit organizations have specific needs and goals for their websites. Raising awareness is crucial, as is an intuitive user interface and experience that guides the viewer through the organization's mission and goals, into their programming and support.  Promoting events, fundraising, and growing a user-base are common functionalities, and we're adept at building websites that provide for all an organization's needs, while being easy-to-use, and really nice to look at.

Some organizations have a spot-on online presence, but need help with printed marketing materials. Others have a dedicated print designer, but are lacking on the digital front. Regardless of your nonprofit organization's marketing strengths, and...not strengths, pondSoup can quickly assess your current state of marketing affairs and jump in to provide print and/or web design and development services, as you need.

Contact us to discuss how we can work together to further your mission.

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