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pondSoup provides superior website  services for your business.

We build websites that look beautiful and perform brilliantly across devices, and make you stand out from your competition. Our designers have worked with some great brands to create award-winning experiences. Our developers have been working in website design and development since the late 90's. We would love to bring that experience to bear for you.

or, keep reading if you are still not convinced.

Book Nook NYC Website by pondSoup LLC
WordPress website designed and developed for Book Nook Enrichment

Responsive, Mobile-friendly Websites

Our web designers are awesome at devising the perfect vehicle for your brand, content, messaging, and products. We make certain your site works and looks great across mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.

Responsive, mobile first website design allows us to develop one site that is flexible and adapts to screen sizes and inputs. Some of our clients see over 75% of their site traffic from mobile devices, so it is imperative that their websites perform on phones intuitively. Google and other search engines weigh mobile-friendliness in their page rankings, which generates higher conversion rates - more leads or sales.

WordPress Website Design and Development

We’ve built or customized websites on many of the major website platforms, having worked with brands including Nike, Diageo, Playtex and Bayer over the past 20 years. We now develop websites primarily using WordPress but are also fluent in other major platforms including Drupal, Shopify, SquareSpace, Wix, BigCommerce, and more. We recommend WordPress for many projects because of it's extensibility, flexibility, and ease-of-use for clients. Regardless of the platform, we always use website design and development best practices, creating user-friendly experiences that increase user engagement.

Custom Content Management System development is one of our strong suits - we used to have to build CMS's from scratch before WordPress existed. If you'd like a proprietary platform which can be resold or patented, have website e-commerce development needs that Shopify can't contain, or require optimal speed and performance, we can accommodate you by building a custom system precisely to your specifications.

Though we're asked for it rarely these days, our website designers can also build you a static, old-fashioned HTML site - the perfect online brochure for your business, that doesn't need maintenance or upkeep.

Exelon STEM Academy Website Design and Development Services by pondSoup
WordPress Website designed and developed for the Exelon STEM Academy
WooCommerce Web Design and Development Services forPianoPiano
WooCommerce E-Commerce website designed and developed for PianoPiano


pondSoup’s web development team are experts in e-commerce development for online stores of any scale. Whether you’d like to accept payments through your existing site via PayPal, customize a Shopify store, build a WooCommerce enabled WordPress website, or develop a custom e-commerce solution, we’re your people.

Integrating your CRM, merchant payment gateway, analytics and tracking, and other 3rd party software with your online store can be a relatively painless process – or a hair-pulling, teeth gnashing ordeal. We’ve set up online shops hundreds of times. We know the ins and outs of all the major vendors. We can have you up and running, and selling your product or service online in days - not months - while retaining any hair you might have.

After your store is up and running, we can maintain it, and help you build traffic and increase sales.

Search Engine Optimization and Performance

If our web designers build "it", they (your target audience) might not necessarily know to come. Investing in SEO opens the gates and sound the trumpets for your brand. We develop a comprehensive search strategy to drive traffic to your website and improving your ranking in search engines.

Our team employs on-page organic SEO techniques and best-practices, making sure your site is integrated and indexed with Google Analytics and Search Console, and Bing. If applicable, we also track traffic from your social media platforms to gauge your audience engagement. We can do a lot more (including Search Engine Marketing and Local Search Optimization), but that falls under the category of Digital Marketing Strategy, which is a broad enough topic separate from our website design and development services, to merit its own section.

Some of our clients are in industries, or require functionality, that necessitates a fine-tuning of their website for performance. We're pros at maximizing site page speeds and asset delivery times, streamlining databases, content delivery networks (CDN's), and other techniques for making sure your site is performant.

The Ball & Chain Miami club website on desktop, mobile, and laptop devices
Ball & Chain is a famous music venue and restaurant in Miami who wants to sell out their live music events AND daily lunch service. We're helping them do both and more.
ADA compliant website design and development services for Memorial Foundation for the Blind
The Memorial Foundation for the Blind needed an ADA compliant website, and turned to us. Pretty good endorsement of our abilities.

ADA Website Accessibility and Compliance

Businesses that serve the public are required to comply with Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This applies to websites too, which many business owners don't realize. Unscrupulous lawyers are starting to scan the web for non-compliant sites and hitting them with lawsuits. You want to avoid this. pondSoup specializes in ADA accessibility compliance, to make sure your site is usable by screen readers and other assistive technologies.

As part of our website design and development services we offer free ADA website audits because many companies don't realize their website is potentially opening them up to legal action. If we find any issues, you can take them to your web developers, or we can upgrade your site. Either way, we're helping small business owners avoid frivolous legal action, and hopefully making the web a more egalitarian place. Learn more about our ADA compliant website services and get a free site audit.

Website Maintenance and Updates

Website maintenance and updates are something many web developers don't tell you about until two months after your site is live and you start getting odd emails from your contact forms. Or your site stops working/looking/acting right. We don't let that happen.

We're not talking about updating your blog. That's content development, and we've got a lot to say about that, too. Modern websites require regular platform and plugin updates to remain performant and secure. We'll tell you about maintenance requirements up front, and let that inform your web development decision-making. We're not in the business of surprising our clients (except on their birthdays).

Domain Names, Web Hosting, and More

Most companies and business owners come to us with no knowledge of, or desire to learn about, URL variants, web hosting requirements, SSL certificate installation, 301 redirects, site security protocols, or any of the dozens of other behind-the-scene aspects of building and running a website. That's what we're here for.

We can handle every facet of web development from finding and procuring the URL, to hosting, to making sure your old website goes away, or old URL forwards to your new site. And we'll make sure your new site is secured against hackers and other malicious actors. You don't have to worry about it. You've got a business to run.

Want to Discuss Your Web Development Project?

pondSoup can build you a beautiful, high-performing, responsive, engaging, conversion-generating website.

Let's start with a free website evaluation and consultation. Whether you need a brand new website or some improvements to your current site, the pS team is here. We’re a creative services agency and can also help you with brand design, content development, photography and more.

We’re a friendly and (we think) funny team, located New York and across the USA, with more experience than most. If you’re interested in building a long-term relationship with a creative services agency built on results, contact us today and we’ll get started.

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