“Creative Services” is a rather large term. It encompasses a lot of disparate skills, practices and abilities. When people ask “what does pondSoup do?” if they get a straight answer it’s something along the lines of “Brand Building.” But what the heck does that mean? Just to lay it all out in one place for clarity and reference, our core services include:

pondSoup - Brand Identity for Knight Security


As a core of our creative services, pondSoup creates logos and brand identities that convey the mission and heart of your business. Our logos stick in your audiences’ minds and become trusted, familiar friends. Our brand messaging cuts through hyperbole and tells your story, in your company’s tone and voice. We develop the brand identity tools you need to ensure a consistent appearance and message to your audience.

pondSoup - Graphic Design & Print Collateral Design


Chances are, you have been handed a business card designed by pondSoup, seen a billboard created by our designers, driven past vehicles bearing our wraps and decals, considered an in-store display we’ve created, received a postcard we designed in the mail, or read a brochure we developed. We’re experts at print marketing and collateral, we’re fast, and we’ve been at this a long time.

pondSoup - Website Design & Development


pondSoup provides responsive website design and development for your business. Our websites perform beautifully across devices, and allow you to stand out among the competition. We develop websites utilizing WordPress and other major platforms ( Drupal, Shopify, BigCommerce, and more), are well-versed in e-commerce development and payment integrations for companies of all sizes, and are experts in SEO, site maintenance, and ADA website compliance and accessibility.

pondSoup - Digital Marketing Services


Digital marketing techniques such as search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), content marketing, influencer marketing, content automation, campaign marketing, e-commerce marketing, social media marketing, e-mail marketing, inbound marketing, and display advertising are ubiquitous in our advancing technology. It’s a lot to understand and choose from, we can help you evaluate what will work for your business. We believe that these marketing strategies, when used intelligently, can have a profound effect on a brand’s ability to reach their audience. And we use them intelligently, to grow your audience organically.

pondSoup - Copywriting & Content Development


When your brand speaks for itself, it’s not just what it says, but how it says it. We believe in the power of words. Sometimes writing is complementary to imagery or design. Sometimes it is the only way to sell an idea, tell a story, or drive a brand’s message. Good writing, whether brand messaging and copywriting,  web content, or an email campaign, helps an audience to understand what a brand is offering and encourages them to react emotionally to the brand, think and respond. And then we’ve got ’em.

pondSoup - WCAG2.1 and ADA website compliance and auditing


OK so these aren’t officially “creative services” but they’re invaluable to our clients, nonetheless. The Americans with Disabilities Act extends to your online business. Your website (and associated documents) should be ADA compliant to WCAG2.0 guideline standards. Didn’t know that? We can help. Our team of web developers has over 15 years experience with ADA website compliance, and our team of ADA document compliance experts can remediate your stack of .pdf’s, .doc’s, and .ppt’s to be accessible to all users. Even if you aren’t fending off lawyers, ADA compliance helps with SEO and site performance – and why wouldn’t you want everyone to be able to use your website, regardless of their abilities?

pondSoup - Branding, Graphic Design, and Web Development Services

pondSoup LLC is a creative services agency based in New York. We’re experts in brand development, graphic design, copywriting, website design, and digital marketing; and the strategic thinking needed to employ those skills. We create beautiful and unique solutions for our clients, from small business owners to Fortune 100 companies. What’s Your Story? We’ll help you tell it.