STORCH AMINI PCWe developed this law firm's website to be fully accessible by assistive technologies

Americans with Disabilities Act/ADA compliant website design and development is rapidly becoming a requirement for commercial and public entities. After working with some of our clients to ensure their websites were ADA compliant and accessible, we learned:

  • Most digital marketing agencies don’t know about or understand ADA compliance,
  • Most web developers don’t build web sites to accessibility compliance standards
  • Many businesses, particularly in the hospitality, professional services, retail, non-profit, and educational sectors, are vulnerable to legal action over their website’s ADA accessibility – and don’t realize it.
  • We have a TON of experience making websites ADA accessible and compliant, without sacrificing aesthetic or content.

ADA Website Compliance Services

We offer ADA compliance testing and auditing. If we determine the site does not meet web accessibility requirements, we can provide web design, content, and web development services to make your current website ADA compliant. Or build you a new one.

We provide guidelines to ensure future development and content adheres to standards. And we do it in WordPress, Drupal, Custom CMS, Shopify, BigCommerce, or static HTML websites. Many web-integrated CRM’s, as well.

We see it as part smart business for smart business owners and CTO’s, part public service – making the web a more egalitarian place. If you would like to learn more about how we might be able to help your company, please email us at, or call (212) 851-6453.

Accessible ADA Compliant Website Design for Dr. Amy Bloch
DR. AMY BLOCHDr. Amy speaks to parents of differently-abled children, so her site had to be ADA compliant from Day 1.

What is ADA Compliance?

“Making the goods, services, facilities, privileges, accommodations, or advantages offered by public accommodations via the Internet, specifically at sites on the World Wide Web (Web), accessible to individuals with disabilities.”

That’s from the DOJ in 2010 and they’re still sorting it out. To be safe, we test and ensure websites adhere to W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). So anyone, on any device, including screen readers and other assistive technology, can learn about your business online.

Does my business need an ADA Accessible Website?

Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that businesses and nonprofit services providers make accessibility accommodations to enable the disabled public to access the same services as clients who are not disabled. This includes electronic media, and web sites.

Who’s Affected?

The ADA applies to businesses with 15 or more employees. Smaller businesses can benefit from ensuring that their websites are ADA compliant as well. An ADA compliant website opens your company up to more potential clients and limits liability.

When working with a government agency or government contractor, these organizations must follow web accessibility guidelines under Section 508 of the Workforce Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Section 508 guidelines are analogous  to the ADA requirements.

Any business that serves the public – restaurants, retail stores, banks, hotels, doctors offices, bars, law firms, public venues – are required to comply with Title III of the ADA. Let pondSoup help you with a free ADA compliance audit of your site today.

ADA Compliant Website Design - pondSoup
WhipActSys.compondSoup worked to bring this federal contractor's website up to Section 508 standards

What are ADA Compliant Website Requirements?

BALL & CHAIN MIAMI WEBSITEThis bar and nightclub is in an industry and geography known for leading in ADA litigation. We're helping them avoid it.

Lacking clear direction from the government on strict ADA standards, we develop and upgrade websites to WCAG2.1 AAA Conformance. By adhering to WCAG compliance, the strictest code, we ensure we are meeting the requirements for an accessible website.

The following is an (extremely) abbreviated list of WCAG 2.1 guidelines for websites:

  • All images have text alternatives, used correctly
  • All Audio and Video media is captioned or transcribed, and/or externally linked
  • No Image Maps are used
  • No strobing/flashing animations are used
  • All tabular data is correctly structured and identified
  • All scripts and plugins are accessible to assistive technologies, or alternate equivalent content is provided
  • Page layouts and content are structured for assistive technologies
  • Site designs provide proper contrast for low-vision users
  • All forms are correctly structured and labeled
  • A ‘Skip Navigation’ button is included to help those using text readers

As mentioned, this is a top-level list. There are a lot of technical requirements for ADA website compliance. pondSoup can audit your site for WCAG2.1 Level AAA compliance and provide recommendations, or implement the changes, to make your website ADA compliant and accessible.  Let’s get started today.

pondSoup Can Make Your Website ADA Compliant

Let’s get started with a free website accessibility audit

We can test your website to see if you are in compliance with ADA requirements, or where you need modifications.

You can take that information to your development team, or enlist pondSoup’s assistance making your website ADA compliant. We can also build a new ADA compliant website for your business, if it’s time for an upgrade.

We offer fair rates based on your company’s audit (no blanket pricing), and are open about what you need to make your website ADA compliant, what might be required in the future, and what “would be nice.” Contact us, and we’ll get started.

p. (212) 851-6453

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