Your brand, in front of your audience, online. The goal is deceptively simple.

You can build a website, but you also need to build your audience. We can help. We're experts in getting your business found online by developing and executing a digital marketing strategy for your brand. We couple creative content development with organic on-page search engine optimization, backlink campaigns, and search engine marketing to build your audience and generate quality leads. We convert them into customers and keep them in your ecosystem with regular promotions. And we make them part of your digital marketing team with affiliate programs and incentives.

Research and strategy

We just outlined the basics of a generic digital strategy. But this might not be the appropriate strategy for your business, service, and/or product. Maybe your business thrives on walk-up traffic and we need to work some local search magic. We have ideas for that. Seasonal or event promotions? We sell out Mother's Day gifts and pack the seats. Super niche audience? We'll find their online hangouts and subtly work you into the conversation. We work with each of our clients to develop a digital marketing strategy specifically tailored to their business, industry, product, and/or service, and then execute, perfectly.

Oasis Day Camp Website homepage mocked up on a laptop screen
This regional summer camp saw a boost in sign-ups through a combination of organic SEO, content marketing, and PPC advertising


We research your business, industry, competition, and target audience to figure out how best to reach them.


(pondSoup Secret Sauce - patent/trademark/copyright pending)


We work with you to develop the content or media you need to tell your story to your audience.


Regular, prime-time content deployments and site updates keep your brand fresh and your audience engaged.

Track & Report

To ensure performance and inform strategy, we use multiple tools to track your audience, performance, and ROI.

How will your target audience find your business?  Simple question, but if we can answer it, and you have a winning product or service, we can make you successful. Sometimes the answer is aggressive digital marketing, getting your website and social media presences in front of as wide an audience as possible. Sometimes it is designing a targeted brochure. to be seen by the 50 people who can make your company with one contract.

If 1000's of people search for your product or service on Google, well, we'll get you ranked for terms that get you traffic using white-hat search engine optimization techniques and content marketing. If you run a candy shop next to a retirement community, we'll focus on local search and getting you on maps, but more importantly, design some direct mail pieces and flyers to distribute the week before school holidays. Get the idea?

We used to partner with digital marketing agencies. We saw the same reports, the same one-size-fits-all strategy recommendations, and, inevitably, the same overseas subcontractors doing the same (sub-par) work these agencies present as their own. We realized we can do better. So we are.

Search Engine Optimization

"Can you get me on Google?" CERTAINLY.

Search optimization, search engine optimization, organic SEO, natural SEO...lot of terms floating around, generally referring to similar endeavors - increasing the visibility of your website on Google, Bing, Yahoo!, and other means people use to search the interwebs. We do this through several methods, all white-hat above-board search engine-approved, including onpage and offpage optimizations. Onpage is where we develop and manage your content, site structure, and assets to scream to Google "HERE WE ARE!" Offpage is where we tell other sites to point to yours and say "THERE THEY ARE!" Everything beyond that is proprietary. Sorry, you'll have to work with us to find out.

Chart showing website rankings increase through digital marketing services
Social Media Marketing and Advertising for your business - pondSoup

Social Media


Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Pinterest. WeChat. SnapChat. Weibo. YouTube. TikTok. MySpace. The list of social media channels is ever-expanding, as are the ramifications for your business (We just included MySpace to see if you're paying attention). Managing promotions, advertisements, and sales across platforms can be a full time job. Or, completely irrelevant to your brand. We sort through the options, and define the outlets that will speak to your audience and achieve your marketing goals. Or, allocate the resources elsewhere. Not everyone needs to be on "The Twitter." But if you should be, we can make sure you are effective and memorable.

Email Marketing


Email marketing is a cost-effective, flexible digital marketing strategy to speak to your audience. Don't have much to say? Use a bi-monthly email campaign as a tool to promote sales, special offers, and traffic to your website or social media with bold graphics and headlines. Have a lot to say? Automate a weekly newsletter from your blog posts, store, and social media channels. The point is, email marketing campaigns can be crafted to your needs, for your audience, inexpensively, and often. You (or we) can manage them with free or inexpensive tools. Use them.

Old hat with email marketing? Using a proprietary or paid CRM to communicate with your customers? We can work with your system, and probably have.


Building a contact database can be a daunting task. People always click "No Thanks." We utilize several on-site and social media strategies gradually build relationships with and then collect information on real users in your target audience. We then incentivize them to spread the word - creating exponential audience growth.

Email Marketing campaign for Nike 5K for Kids
Google local search results showing pondSoup number 1 for digital marketing

Local Search

Make sure your neighbors (and visitors) know you are there, and awesome.

If you have a physical business location, or provide a service within a geographic range, local search can build your business. Google Maps, Yelp, CitySearch, and other physical proximate listing services make up a huge portion of search results. Making sure your brand shows up, and looks great, is one of our specialities. We work with you to develop your business profile, disseminate it to every online listing service, and monitor for quality and consistency. We develop a strategy to get (good) reviews that drive more traffic. We feature offers and incentives to turn map views into physical sales. We tie in real-world marketing to create an ecosystem your audience can't escape. Like that show where there is a bubble around the whole town. Maybe that's too much. Nah. Let's drop a bubble.

PPC Advertising


Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC) generally refers to paid search listings, banner ads, and display advertising where you pay for each click to your website. PPC advertising is great on social media for building your audience, and promoting events and sales. Google AdWords can be a great tool if you're up against big competition or need traffic fast. Waze and Yelp provide great ROI for local attractions. Etcetera. We can work with you to make sure you pay-per-click intelligently, if you need to pay at all.

If you decide PPC advertising is for you, we employ creative content development to write compelling search engine advertisements, design eye-catching (and click inducing) banner ads, and create engaging video, to grow your audience. We're experts at content development for your business and PPC is one area we can really show it off.


Ready to Talk to Your Audience?

Let pondSoup develop and execute a digital marketing strategy to tell your story

Let's start by assessing your current online visibility, and what your goals are. We can recommend how to achieve them, and an estimated investment to get started. We’re a full-service creative services agency, and can also be your web developers, graphic designers, copywriters, content developers, photographers...whatever you need to tell your brand's story.

We’re a friendly and (we think) funny team, located New York and across the USA, with more experience than most. If you’re interested in building long-term relationships built on results, contact us today and we’ll get started.

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