Marketing an iconic Miami nightclub.

Ball & Chain

Ball & Chain Miami is a landmark jazz and salsa club and Cuban restaurant in Little Havana, Florida. The venue has existed in some permutation since the 1950’s, in 2014 it was taken over by a new management team. After a year in business, the partners decided it was time to move off SquareSpace and into a more custom website solution that could grow with the business. They were recommended to pondSoup in 2015 for our WordPress web development expertise, so we began by designing and building them a new site from the ground up.

After 6 months up and running with the new site, they gave us another challenge – grow their search traffic, on a budget, without the benefit of pay-per-click advertising. We researched and identified search terms relevant to their audience, and a wholistic site Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy to rank for them. We’ve been building their website’s audience ever since, on average seeing a 10-15% month-to-month increase in site traffic from search.

They needed e-commerce capabilities to sell their merchandise, so we developed and deployed a WooCommerce shop and payment integrations. They asked us to help market their annual New Year’s Eve party – we did, they sold out of tables in 2016, and the entire event in 2017. Add ADA website compliance requirements, numerous side-projects, and a whole lot of salsa into the mix, and it’s 2018. The partners behind Ball & Chain are opening new businesses (including one of the best Mexican restaurants on Calle Ocho….mmmmmmm), and pondSoup is their marketing partner for everything. Being demonstrably responsible for our clients’ exponential growth is a great selling point for our services. Want some, get some.

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