The team at pondSoup knows that the best copywriting connects with an audience and inspires them to take action. That’s why we value words. We know that content is king, and quality content creation is a must-have for every industry, big and small. We also know you need the best copywriting to market your product or service. Our copywriters will write memorable copy and develop a content strategy that keeps your audience coming back for more.

What Types of Copy Does pondSoup Write? What Types of Copywriting Do You Need?

Pretty awkward way of positing that question. SEO, the shoehorn's best friend. Our copywriting services run the gamut from sales, reports and pitches, catalogs, marketing, and PR; to SEO and websites, and social media.

Copy is vital to your business and part of your overall marketing communication strategy. Our writers keep that top of mind for all content creation and copywriting projects. We like to write (and our clients tell us we’re good - sometimes really good) and can help you in these areas:

  • Website Copy
  • SEO
  • Brand Messaging
  • Blog Posts
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Digital Ads
  • Catalog Copy
  • Press Releases
  • Marketing Collateral Materials
  • Brochures
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Why Hire a Professional Copywriter?

You can write, right? Rather, you are a proficient author, correct?

You don't like to write. You’ve never written website copy or a blog post before. You’d rather find a copywriter, a really good copywriter, to write the copy for your website. And blog. And email campaigns. And everything else involving words to tell your story. Lucky for you, we excel at creative content development and content creation. And we’re professionals who like to write.

Now that We’ve Established You Don’t Like to Write, What are the Other Benefits of Hiring a Professional Copywriter?

You don’t have the time to write. Copywriting is hard and takes time. More time than you think. We have the time, the experience, and the copywriting services you need.

We’ve found that you know too much about your business and use a lot of jargon. But your customers don’t know much about your business, and they don’t get the jargon. Whether you need copy for digital marketing, brand messaging, or your website, we’ll write smart copy that simply explains what you do or sell.

The Importance of Creating a Brand Voice

Before we start writing, we’ll do a deep dive into your business and make sure your brand voice is consistent. Or develop a brand voice if you don’t have a “voice” yet. We do this for a living, so we know you need a brand voice and will help develop your unique voice to tell your stories.

How to Use Your Brand Voice in Web and SEO Content Writing

There’s more. It turns out that you have no idea what Search Engine Optimization really is and keywords are a mystery to you. Without either, good luck getting any traffic to your site. Don’t worry, we’re experts at web and SEO content writing. (SEO is about increasing the visibility of your website on Google, Bing, Yahoo!, and other means people use to search the interwebs.) Plus, we’ll develop a content strategy that ties everything together.

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Ready to Talk?

pondSoup's copywriting team can make your brand messaging memorable.

Let's get started by taking a read through what you're working with. Or, if you're starting from scratch, sitting down and talking about your mission and goals, and developing a copy and content strategy. We’re a full-service creative services agency and can also help you with graphic design, brand identities and logo design, web development, photography and more.

We’re a friendly and (we think) funny team, located New York and across the USA, with more experience than most. If you’re interested in building long-term relationships built on results, contact us today and we’ll get started.

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