Here's where we brag

pondSoup's senior creative team has too many years of experience in brand development to calculate (for both our copywriter's math skills, and our egos'). We're experts in most aspects of brand strategy and marketing. Take a look, see what you think, get in touch. If our glittering personalities don't persuade you, our work is fairly impressive, as well.

Tom Figura - Art Director - pondSoup

Tom Figura

Creative Technical Director
Tom bridges the gap between design and development, and technical and creative. He's worked as an art director and front end developer, allowing him to manage the two disciplines as one and create cutting edge print and digital experiences with one voice. Beyond agency experience (Y&R, mktg) Tom also has a background in comic book illustration, the ‘finer’ arts, and non-profit organization management.
Deborah Strafella - Content Strategy - pondSoup

Deborah Strafella

Marketing Strategy
Deborah works to develop unique a marketing strategy for your brand. Her expertise in digital strategy, PPC campaigns, social media, and content developent and invaluable in the execution of those efforts. Prior to joining pondSoup she was Director of PR for Sony, and VP of Marketing for Built NY.
Digital Producer Ricardo M. Marquez

R.M. Marquez

Production Director
Maceo specializes in web development, as well as advanced functionality and application development. He developed his first website in 1996 on Netscape, after he learned Unix to find Mortal Kombat cheat codes. Since then he has managed teams in Europe, South America, the Middle East and Asia, and built sites for independent mom and pops like General Motors, the United States Army, and your friend’s band.
Aydin Arjomand - Photographer - pondSoup

Aydin Arjomand

Photography & Video
Aydin Arjomand is our photographer. We've worked with many, he is the best at what our clients need - fashion shoots, still-life, product photography, interior design portfolios, event coverage - he and his team of stylists, set-dressers, and hair and makeup experts, do it all. He creates stunning visual content for your brand, within the larger scope of our marketing strategy.
John Demas, Creative Director

John Demas

Creative Director
John is our creative director and has designed award-winning work for brands such as Diageo, Nike, Marriot, and Illy. A master at brand identities and logo design, John also brings his formidable experiential and environmental design background to our web/UX development.
Ethan Eichrodt hiding behind a corner

Ethan Eichrodt

Creative Director, Copy
As a writer/creative director, Ethan works on and is comfortable with every marketing channel, from TV to sidewalk chalk. Regardless of the medium, he has a simple approach for every project: Who are we talking to and why should they be interested? That’s it. Get that foundation right and all marketing that follows is far more effective.


We're a well-heeled assemblage of former big-agency creative, development, and strategy-types who decided to apply our skills and expertise to brands we can whole-heartedly support, instead of being told which brands to support. We knew each other through various walks in life (school, work, music, "the poke"), and got along well enough that we stayed in contact even after those walks had ended.

We realized that we collectively had the skills to assemble a formidable branding and creative team. After we formed that team, we realized we execute to a level that 95% of other brand development and marketing agencies can't or don't - the little details that cumulatively constitute the difference between a beloved brand, and an also-ran.

As you can see from our work, pondSoup's creative team does a lot of different things, for a lot of different clients. But each brand is unique. Let's develop a brand building strategy perfectly suited for your business. The sooner we start, the sooner you reap the rewards.