Over 500 applications and iterations of one nonprofit logo.


Education Reform Now marketing collateral on a wood table surface

Education Reform Now is the policy-advising arm of Democrats for Education Reform Now, a New York City and Washington D.C. based nonprofit organization with chapters nationwide. And there is Education Reform Now Advocacy, which lobby's for their cause. It's all very structured. DFER, came to pondSoup with a perplexing project - FINISH their nonprofit logo design, which had been started by a previous agency.

We don't ask questions, we just buckle down and do the work. First off, designing logos ERN, ERNA, and 13 chapters for each - plus color and context iterations - for a whopping 500 variants. Then, we created a brand style guide to keep track of everything, and provide their communications team a base for all future collateral.

Apparently, they couldn't get enough of our award-winning personalities, so DFER and its permutations came back to pondSoup for their letterhead, business cards, social media cards - brand collateral. We were happy to oblige, and keep track of all of those variations, as well. Because of course, each staff member needs a card for each organization. Some with different titles. Why not, while we're at it?

The design team at pondSoup is extremely well-versed in nonprofit marketing and nonprofit logo design. You could say it's a speciality, and a passion of sorts. Get in touch with us, see what we can do for your organization. We're friendly, and we do offer rather large pricing considerations for good causes.

(Full disclosure: ERN is an old friend of pondSoup and we've actually created non-profit logos (4, actually) for their yearly Camp Philos conferences. And branding and collateral for their annual fundraiser poker tournament. Plus, some other stuff. So, it's not a huge surprise they came to us in a jam.)