Clean, responsive web design for a great educational program.


Web design for the Exelon STEM Academy by pS

The Exelon STEM Leadership Academy are programs that give young high school women experience in STEM, energy, and sustainability. Their old website was hanging on by a thread and the parent organization turned to pS to design and develop a new website for the endeavor.

Our first step was to work with their stakeholders to identify ways to improve the existing site functionality. Adding event calendars, news archives, and prominent sign-ups for their newsletters were tagged as "must-haves" and we created the web design around these elements.

The Academies generated thousands of great images over the years, and tons of video, so we created and refined a web style guide including colors, fonts, and element usages, to compliment the mission and imagery.

Understanding that the details and day-to-day changes in event scheduling required the client be able to update content themselves, we created comprehensive "instruction manuals" to guide them through the process of creating and modifying events and posts. We love when our clients take ownership of their websites, and provide guidance (and tech support) as needed. Of course, if you want pS to handle your web site updates, we can.

The "STEMinist", the Academy's newsletter, was given prominent billing and we added multiple sign-up points across the web site, resulting in a 32% increase in sign-ups year-over-year. We also archived their past newsletters, to give students permanent URL's to reference.

The STEM Academy has a very specific audience, in certain geographical areas. In creating the web design and content we optimized the site for search implementing these considerations, and have seen a sizable increase in their website audience for both new and returning visitors, since launch.

pS maintains and tweaks the Exelon STEM Academy site regularly, improving UX and UI elements based on data analytics, and keeping everything up-to-date. If your company or organization needs a website design and development partner, contact pondSoup today to get started.