Bespoke WordPress fundraiser website



Education Reform Now holds an annual fundraiser poker tournament at Gotham Hall. We've updated and maintained the website for the event since...2013? With a couple of years off.

For 2021, ERN wanted to come back from COVID full-bore. We finally got the opportunity to redesign the website from the ground up. Of course, by the time we got the go-ahead, the new website needed to be launched in 2 weeks.

Our designers worked diligently to provide their extremely fine-eyed event committee with website designs that would pass muster. Once we had buy-in (pun intended), we threw all of our developers at the site to get it built, literally, overnight. With a day of client revisions and testing, we were ready to deploy. 3 days early, because that's how we roll.

Post-launch, leading up to the event, we helped ERN out with sponsor and committee updates, and COVID-information bulletins, as well as day-of ticketing shut-off and a flurry of last-minute additions (you pay for a table, you want to see your name somewhere, we understand). The event was a success, we look forward to next year, and as always working with ERN was a pleasure and honor.

Full disclosure: We have worked with ERN for many years and we've created logos and websites (4, actually) for their yearly Camp Philos conferences. And their organization logo and marketing collateral graphic design. Some smaller projects as they need assistance. We build long-lasting client relationships.