We firmly believe that quality printed marketing materials make a huge impression. Plus, we’re awesome at designing them.

Graphic design is one of pondSoup’s core services, and we are the best. We create unique, visually arresting, on-message designs and execute them across a range of print possibilities for your business. Our work has been featured in national marketing campaigns for Fortune 100 companies, and we’re also comfortable designing brochures for small businesses and non-profits. We have extensive experience on-press with the printing process, and understand how to set up production files to make the most of the press, substrate, and inks your project is using. Ask a web designer about CMYK color separations. Notice the blank stare.

Corporate Collateral


Our graphic design team creates visually stunning brand collateral that grabs your core audience’s attention and doesn’t let go. Working with your existing logo and branding, we can breathe new life into your business cards and letterhead. Starting from scratch with a new brand identity, we can truly set you  apart. We’re masters at creating compelling visual narratives and devices and utilizing them in unique and innovative marketing collateral materials for your brand.

A common refrain we hear in reference to corporate collateral marketing materials (specifically business card graphic design) is “make it stand out.” We believe a more appropriate art direction is “make it on-brand, design it beautifully, and print it perfectly.” There are lots of ways to stand out. pondSoup’s expertise is finding the exact match for your business.

Storch Amini PCWe created the brand identity & messaging for this NYC law firm, then applied it across their corporate collateral

Proposals & Pitches

Look Professional, get more business, rinse, repeat.

While we can’t show off any examples of Pitch Designs or proposals (NDA’s, proprietary information, and the like apply), we can say, from experience, that a professionally designed proposal can make the difference between getting a contract, and not.

When responding to an RFP you only have one chance to make the case for why your firm, company, or service is superior to your competitors. We make charts and graphs exciting, company information and bios sing, and spreadsheets…tolerable.

pondSoup’s proven expertise in proposal design and pitch ideation will help you present your company as professionals and secure a project or client. That’s a fact.

Marketing Collateral


Printed marketing collateral materials are an opportunity for your business to capture prospects’ attention without the clutter and distractions of the internet. They present your service or product in a clear, concise manner and are excellent as leave-behinds or for special offers or cross-promotions. Often, because of demographic or location considerations, they’re the best way to present an offer or service to your core audience.

We’ve designed thousands of pieces of marketing collateral for hundreds of companies. You can check out a lot of our design work in our portfolio. A sampling of the marketing collateral design services we can provide for your brand might include…

pondSoup - Graphic Design & Print Collateral Design
Nike SoccerWe developed marketing collateral and promotions for Nike's regional soccer programs
Brochures, Invitations, Flyers, Postcards…

The list goes on. Our beautifully designed and expertly produced marketing materials turn out your audience, in droves. No generic Vistaprint templates here – we create individually crafted, stunning print design. Your business deserves it.

Direct Mail

With small graphic design modifications, many types of marketing collateral can be utilized as “Direct Mail,” and we’re fans or the medium. If you have a local or regional business or service to promote, or a specific target demographic, Direct Mail can be an excellent marketing tool. pondSoup can make sure your message reaches your audience.


Posters serve many purposes. Advertising. Product. Memento. Art. A well designed poster fulfills all of these goals. We’ve created memorable poster designs for marketing promotions, events, films, and albums. We always aspire to use the larger format and visibility to achieve something meaningful for your company or property.

Promotional Pieces & Leave Behinds

Pens, Flashlights, Water Bottles, Backpacks, Bicycles… We’ve designed and branded tons of promotional collateral and giveaways, and along the way built relationships with vendors to get our clients the most unique quality pieces and best pricing. Let’s brainstorm a creative way into your audience’s awareness. No fidget spinners, please. But possibly Rubik’s Cubes.


People wearing your logo is free advertising.

To be sure, we aren’t talking about haute couture. But there is an elegance and fashion to t-shirt design, and other apparel such as hats, onesies, and capes (love a good cape).

We not only design gorgeous graphics for your apparel, we also help you navigate the production labyrinth of printing options, manufacturers and styles, and sizing.

We have a network of vendors we trust to deliver excellent results, or we can vet your local printers to see who is up to handling our designs, and your business.

Experiential Marketing


We’ve designed events ranging in scale from trade show booths, to convention centers, to islands (Randall’s, to be specific). We have slogged through production grids including items such as banners, billboards, basketball courts, and buses as well as environmental graphic applications not starting with the letter “b.” Suffice to say any scale of event design or experiential marketing design is an undertaking worthy of an in-person consultation with our team. If you are interested in exploring new ways of reaching out to your core audience, or need a creative team to work with your in-house marketing gurus to design the perfect, one-of-a-kind experience for your brand, contact pondSoup today.

Country Financial
Country FinancialConcept designs for a traveling brand experience

Ready to Discuss Your Project?

pondSoup’s graphic design team can make your brand’s marketing collateral (more) memorable

Let’s get started by taking a look at your existing materials. Or, if you’re starting from scratch, sitting down and talking about your mission and goals, and developing a strategy. We’re a full-service creative services agency and can also help you with brand design, copywriting and content development, web development, photography and more.

We’re a friendly and (we think) funny team, located New York and across the USA, with more experience than most. If you’re interested in building long-term relationships built on results, contact us today and we’ll get started.

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