Bunch of 3-year olds need a web design team.

Book Nook NYC Website by pondSoup LLC

Sometimes, you meet a potential client and, for one reason or another, the project doesn’t move forward. It’s unfortunate, but it happens. With Book Nook Enrichment, the reason was a faulty HVAC system in one of their learning centers, and happily, they came back after it was all fixed up. Over a year after our initial meeting, is up and roaring.

Moving from Wix to WordPress

Book Nook was on the Wix platform, heavily integrated with all their partners. Extricating them was a chore, to say the least. We created a new home for them on WPEngine, our preferred WordPress hosting provider (that’s an affiliate link), and set them up with a customized framework overlaid with the Beaver Builder system, to speed up delivery in time for the school year!

While we were setting up, our creative team put together a web style guide and recreated their brand assets…correctly. Once everything was in place and the branding was set, our web design team worked with their existing imagery and our new brand guidelines and content to create a bold, clean web site design and UX to feature their offerings, and drive their audience to “Request a Tour,” their primary goal.

Content Strategy to Appeal to Parents

Book Nook is a great company to work with, however, the content we inherited needed some…massaging. We worked with their founder to write entirely new site content, clearly explaining the Book Nook philosophy, class offerings, and “extras” they have to offer. Our copywriting team developed parent (and search) targeted FAQ’s, and worked with our web design team to create engaging headlines and calls-to-action. We feature testimonials, to let potential customers know what a wonderful place it is. And we made sure to provide ample opportunities to both “Request a Tour” and contact the locations, to move the onboarding process along.

Content-based SEO

We don’t really do “tricks” like PBN’s with 1000 random links pointing at a page. We prefer an organic SEO strategy that puts our clients in front of their audience, without paying for clicks or tricks. For Book Nook, we researched what parents looked for, and then targeted it with our freshly authored copy. Over the coming months, we’ll monitor the site performance, optimize their past blog posts, and push them to the first page on Google for their primary terms. Just like that!

Marketing Partners 4 Life

We’ll be working with Book Nook Enrichment in the coming months and years to expand not only their digital presence through SEO, SEM, and web2.0 and Social Media channels; but also creating traditional marketing and advertising outreach as well. Their brand collateral design could use the pondSoup touch, and somebody said something about direct mail? We’ll update with progress!

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