Fitness website design and blog for an executive personal trainer.

Fitness Website Design by pondSoup for Craig Thomas

Craig Thomas Fitness is an executive personal trainer who works with high profile clients in New York City. He came to pondSoup through one of our designers in a bind – he had a website, built with a CMS none of us had ever heard of, by a family member. Compounding that, a third developer had begun an alternate site, unbeknownst to anyone. So, tiptoeing on eggshells, we set out to quickly replace the clunker with a brand new ride, before anyone noticed. We pulled it off, the other parties realized we provided the best fitness website design solution to Craig, no harm, no foul.

Logo Type and Branding

“We have to move quick. What do you think of these font selections?”
“I like #4.”
“What color grabs you?”
“I like green.”
“Forest, Kelly, Olive, or Lime?”

Website Design

Craig had an existing fitness website design, it was just built in a CMS nobody could use or modify (design was kind of meh, too). So our development team did a 1:1 translation into WordPress, and then went through page-by-page creating new fluid layouts featuring his imagery to create a clean, responsive design that steers people to contact him to enlist his services.

pondSoup often has to take over malfunctioning or old websites and make them work, perform, and look awesome. We did all this for Craig in two days total, find out how we can build your brand, quickly. Contact us and schedule a free site walk through.

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