Website design for an inspirational psychiatrist.


Dr. Amy Bloch psychiatrist website design

Dr. Amy Bloch is a psychiatrist and self-help author based in Westchester County, New York. She wanted to revamp her brand and build a new website to reflect her new direction in thinking and therapy. She turned to pondSoup for a new logo type and site, and we are working with her to develop content and boost her social media presence on a continual basis. Along the way we also art directed and produced a photo shoot for her. When we contemplate seeing a psychiatrist website design and content development isn't usually the reason, but here we are.

Logo Type and Brand Design

Amy didn't want or need a full-blown logo design, just a professional brand identity that didn't distract from her message. We offered her a selection of fonts and styles, and decided on a serif face that doesn't scream "LOOK AT ME," but isn't a system font, either. Our creative team worked up a selection of color palettes that reflected her love of New England, and with her input devised a brand style guide to use for all marketing moving forward.

Website Design

When we were planning the design and web development of Dr. Amy's site, we were cognizant of the fact that our initial goals were to engage and grow her audience, and build an email list for future marketing campaigns. Because of time constraints, we opted for a purchased WordPress theme, which we customized to her needs and aesthetic. We developed and integrated a quiz to act as a lead funnel, and peppered the site with sign-up forms linking to her MailChimp lists. To track her users and search performance we integrated Google Analytics and Search Console, as well as Bing for business. Because of her target audience (and as it has become our standard practice) we followed ADA compliant website development standards, to ensure her site is accessible to screen readers and other assistive devices. The end result is a performant, engaging site, in the top tier of psychiatry website design (we know, we did a lot of research).

Content Development

Dr. Amy needs to build her audience, so we are continuously creating new content for her social media accounts and blog. We've developed an SEO strategy and utilize relevant keywords and on-page best practices to gradually build her search presence. Our content is clear, useful on-message, and in Amy's voice - which is crucial in this niche.

After scanning in a dozen or so old family photos, we realized Amy needed some fresh visual content for her site - which would also allow us to avoid some of the cliches prevalent in psychiatrist website design. We set up a photo shoot, Art Directed "on set" (her backyard), and retouched and composited her images in post to project a light, hopeful feel.

Social Media

We maintain an active presence for Dr. Amy Bloch on Facebook and Twitter, and have grown her audience considerably in a short period of time. We track all engagements from social media through website signup, and incorporate new user flows to maximize conversions.

We did all this for Dr. Amy, find out how we can build your brand too. Contact us and schedule a free consultation.