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Wordpress website design for Elk Valley Rancheria by pondSoup

The Elk Valley Rancheria Tribe is comprised of Tolowa, Wiyot, Yurok, and Hupa Indians in the Pacific Northwest. We had the honor and privilege of designing and building a WordPress website for the tribe to tell their history, promote the Rancheria to locals and tourists, and provide a platform for future endeavors.

Building a website on a deadline

When we started working with the tribe they had a Flash website from 2010 which posed a definite deadline to launch their new site (as Flash went dead January 1, 2021). We rapidly created several iterations of designs to showcase their extensive photo galleries and compliment their traditional textiles and beadwork. After the tribal council selected one, we built out the rest of the site...and then they changed their mind.

Rebuilding a website on a shorter deadline

One of the benefits of 20 years experience in website design and development is the ability to adapt to changing project scopes and parameters. Usually they take place over several phases of a websites lifetime, not a month, but again, we adapt. We were able to create a compelling design the tribal council loved and rebuild the entire site to suit quickly, and well in advance of our deployment target, allowing ample time for testing, quality assurance, and ADA website compliance.

Working with the Tribe to tell their story

We built the tribes new website with the understanding the launch was only Phase I - they have a new casino opening, tribal events to promote, their museum and library to fully portray, and ample other opportunities to convey their rich history and future plans.