Event Websites Built Quickly, Correctly & Beautifully

pondSoup has created dozens of event websites for everything ranging from non-profit fundraisers to music festivals. While the entertainment and venues may change (and potentially be virtual), one thing remains the same - the event website has to be launched by Friday, if possible? There are tickets to be sold, sponsors to appease, and the board of directors really like seeing their names on the inter-webs. Luckily, we’re pros at getting your event website design and development done, now.

A Website for Events for Years to Come

Why pay for the same thing over and over when you can do it right the first time?

We build event websites for longevity. So if your event is weekly, monthly, or yearly, the site is always there as your primary marketing tool. Over time, the site gains Domain Authority ("juice" with search engines) and traffic slowly rises, making your outreach easier over time. We regularly redo event website designs year-to-year, but the underlying structure remains the same, so your costs go down, while your proceeds go up.

Exelon STEM Academy Website Design and Development Services by pondSoup
WordPress Website designed and developed for the Exelon STEM Academy
Event website for a fundraising poker tournament
Website for an annual poker tournament fundraiser for ERN

Sell Event Tickets Online, and Sell Out

Stop giving Eventbrite a cut. Sell tickets, tables, raffles, and more through your event website.

When promoting your gala or fundraiser, you need to keep your messaging on-brand to serve as a constant reminder to potential guests of the cause they are supporting. Why use a 3rd party provider to sell your tickets and tables, when you can sell tickets directly through your own event or non-profit website? Our team of web developers are aces at setting up easy-to-use e-commerce solutions and payment processing so you can keep your guests in your brand ecosystem, and keep some of the fees for your organization. Contact us today to find out how we can integrate your event ticket sales.

Fundraiser websites that wow your benefactors

Philanthropists get invited to 10 galas a week, stand out with a custom event website.

We’re always carrying on about the technical benefits of having a custom event website; there’s also a massive aesthetic difference between our website design and what you’ll find in prebuilt solutions. We work with your marketing staff to ensure your event page design is stunning and on-brand, and that your other marketing activities tie into our development. This process creates a seamless transition from your brand through your event and marketing. We can also work to develop marketing solutions for your non-profit fundraiser - but that’s a separate discussion.

FC Barcelona Charity Event Website Design - pondSoup
Event website for FCBarcelona's New York City fundraiser
Event Website Design - pondSoup New York
Website designed for the Rock the BBQ Festival

Festival Website Design - an Exercise in User Experience

Festivals, by their nature, are big, have lots of participants in varied genres, and mainly multi-day affairs. Keeping all of the information readily available to your guests is imperative - they might need that festival event map to find their kid at the security station. Ticket sales are imperative - and with tiered offerings, rising prices as the event approaches, and guest lists, it’s a lot to juggle. We’re experts in information architecture and user experience, and can take all of your performers, food and beverage vendors, sponsors, and ticketing and make sense of it for your potential attendees.

Conference and Convention Website Design

Surprisingly enough, the same issues that impact festival website design also effect convention and conference websites. Lot of information and tickets to juggle, and the occasional person wandering around like a lost child. The best conference websites serve not only as promotion for the event, but also an archive of past events. That way, you’re always on your attendees minds, and they’re ready to register for next year as soon as they get home. To facilitate that, we can organize pre-registrations for you.

Philos 2019 Logo Design and Web site Design and Event Website Design
Website developed for Philos, an annual educators convention