Spreading the word through specific, targeted creative

Marketing Collateral is materiel created to arm your brand as you strive to grow your audience, promote programs, or drive sales. It can range from promo cards to catalogs, and be printed, digital, or exist in both formats.

Marketing Collateral Design is the art of conceptualizing that materiel, and then creating those materials (we know the difference). pondSoup works with you to conceive the most impactful format for your application, then writes, designs, and produces a beautiful piece or suite of marketing collateral for your brand.

What Kind of Collateral do you need?

Deciding what format to use depends on several considerations.

Without beating around the bush, budget is usually the determining factor in creating marketing collateral. A promotional flyer is less expensive than an informational booklet, both in creative and production costs. Digital, generally speaking, is less costly than print. But there are exceptions to every rule - a promotional flyer can be printed on cardstock, and die-cut to punch out a model house that can be simply assembled. And an informational booklet can be printed in-house to save on production costs.

First, marketing collateral is an investment in your business. Properly executed, it advances your goals - whether that be raising awareness, or making money. Your return on investment, starts with the investment.

Second, pondSoup has created thousands of pieces of marketing collateral. That's not hyperbole, that's actual thousands. We develop solutions that work for your goals and your budget.

Nonprofit Event Marketing Materials created for Goddard Riverside
Event marketing collateral created for Goddard Riverside Community Center
Spirit of Pace Invitation print design and production
Invitation design package created for PACE University

What's your message?

Be clear and concise to get people where you want them to go.

Marketing collateral design is a means to an end. You are trying to get people to interact with your business, the marketing collateral is what tells them to go to your website, call a phone number, or save-the-date. Being clear about what you want people to do, will define a lot of the form and feel your marketing collateral takes.

Having a bold call-to-action also helps with the inevitable loss/trashing of collateral. Let's be honest, a lot of people give these pieces we have spend so much time and energy conceiving and executing one glance, then bin it. We want them to register the URL, or company name, or product, before they do that.

What's the follow-up?

Make sure the destination is as nice as the trip there.

Now that you have your audience's attention, and they're on the hook, make sure your next interaction is as impressive as the marketing collateral design that got them there. Ensure brand continuity between your collateral and your website. Make sure the person answering the phone number is cordial, or the recorded message is professionally voiced. Respond to emails in a timely fashion, with information that helps further your cause. And if you are sending people to a website, make sure they can do / buy / book / learn more - from the page you are sending them to.

Coordinating your marketing collateral with your digital marketing platforms can seem daunting. pondSoup can help you get it all together. Contact us below to learn how.

Marketing Collateral Design and Website Design for Camp Philos
Marketing package for Camp Philos including postcards and website