Fun website design for a series of books for young children


The Little Book Of Kid's book website design

"The Little Book of" series by Zack Bush and Laurie Friedman are fun, educational books that teach children about important aspects of life and society. When the authors conceived of the series they turned to pondSoup to build out the brand identity and develop a website to promote the books as they are launched. We designed and developed a custom WordPress solution, and work with their publisher to continually update and promote the website.

The initial website needed to be built quickly, and on a set budget. The first two books were set to launch less than a month from project initiation, and the publisher wanted it completed for a fixed cost. Not a problem, we work weekends.

Our design concept centers on a fun, bright color pallet and the fonts and artwork from the books. We worked with the series illustrator to create vignettes for each page, rather than relying on a singular design across the site. This made the website development process a bit more involved, but was well worth it to provide an exciting visual experience.

The books are published via print-on-demand through Amazon, so in lieu of an e-commerce website system we integrated an Amazon product management and tracking module. Titles are linked directly to their Amazon product pages to minimize clicks-to-purchase.

To properly gauge our digital marketing efforts we integrated the site with Google Analytics and Tag Manager, and track all user interactions with the site to better streamline their experience.

"The Little Book Of" series continues to grow with new titles added each month, and the authors have created an additional series of books, and a website for their own brand, Books by Zack and Laurie. We're boosting their sales, and they're keeping us busy. Everyone wins.