Helping an experiential marketing agency's work shine.


Rise & Set responsive website design by pondSoup

Rise & Set produces experiential marketing events for luxury clients worldwide. The agency has to present itself to the likes of Hüblot, Ferrari, and De Beers, so when the partners wanted a new website design and experience, they turned to pondSoup. We worked with their internal creative team to develop a new design, with a focused user experience. We pared down their information to essentials, letting users easily access event case studies to see the great work the agency does.

We developed the site utilizing a customized WordPress theme to fully create the desired user experience, while allowing for ease of website maintenance, so R&S could update their work at required. Our developers created a back-end presentation system to enable R&S to build custom decks and export online links for individual clients to view, always keeping in mind the end viewer is probably somebody super-important.

pS provides ongoing digital marketing and SEO services for Rise & Set, working in structured campaigns to rank them for relevant keywords, increasing their reach, influence, and lead generation.

pondSoup is also Rise & Set's go-to creative services agency when they need capacity in a hurry. We chip in on projects from experiential marketing activations to marketing collateral design to event microsite design and development in a hurry, and work seamlessly (and anonymously) with their internal team.

We've been working with some permutation of Rise & Set since 2001, and it's great to have loyal clients we can grow our business with. Contact us to find out what we can do for you - then check out www.RiseAndSetAgency.com