Helping a regional day camp increase enrollments and navigate a pandemic.


Viewing the Oasis Day Camp Digital Marketing campaign on a laptop screen

Oasis Day Camps are fabulous summer camps located throughout New York City, Westchester County, and Long Island, NY. Their team is a wonderful bunch of people who love what they do, and we've been delighted to be able to assist them with their website development, digital marketing strategy and campaigns, and content marketing over the course of several seasons.  They came to us as more specialty/single-subject camps came into vogue, for help with boosting site traffic. We were able to identify and leverage their brand differentiators into a content marketing campaign that attracted more visitors to their website, but that was only the beginning.

Oasis had a weak local search presence - "Summer camp near me" wasn't doing them any favors in Google. We worked with the Google MyBusiness platform to build out their profiles, and get them listed on the map. To reinforce their positioning, we also utilized SaaS solutions to monitor and maintain their camps' information, including review alerts and up-to-the-minute promotions.

The Oasis Camps website we inherited was a bit of a sprawl. We refined the user experience to create sales funnels for their camp registration; informative, fun content that nudges their audience along to enrollment.

To compete in this space, a PPC campaign was necessary. It's a fierce battle amongst general-interest camps for bodies to drink the bug juice. Our SEM expert created and runs a multi-pronged Google Ads campaign, structured to their content marketing calendar, to bring in the children.

pondSoup also creates digital marketing assets - email blasts, banner ads, social media ads, and educational articles for publication - to keep Oasis in front of both their current parents, and new families. Apparently, the day camp game is a grind, kids keep getting older.

We were doing awesome and having a wonderful time doing it, then COVID. Oasis was able to open in 2020 and had a successful season (in that there were no health issues) enrollment was only allowed at 25% and that was filled instantly upon opening registrations. We're looking forward to the 2021 season, albeit slightly apprehensively. Can't put kids in a cage these days. Unless they're yours.