Mmmmmmmmmm Mexican restaurant website.


Mexican Restaurant Website for Mad Room Hospitality

Taquerias el Mexicano is a storied eatery in Little Havana, Miami. The proprietor's of Mad Room Hospitality took charge of managing the location in 2016, and brought in pondSoup to create a new restaurant website for the venture. Mexican food as a whole is delicious, and the team at Mad Room is a fun group to work with, so we signed on wholeheartedly.

We explored many options for website development for the restaurant - including specialized 3rd party applications and platforms, Shopify, and a custom e-commerce ordering system - but in the end, linking into their existing Toasttab system was the most efficient means of accomplishing their goal. We created their order-by-phone and catering menus, supplementing our usual caffeinated beverages with molé sauce to inspire the tasks.

In addition to the website design and development, our digital marketing team utilized on-site organic search engine optimization techniques create a wholistic strategy to rank Taquerias el Mexicano, specifically locally, for important search terms, and bring in first-time and out-of-town customers (Miami has a lot of tourists...). We monitor their restaurant website traffic, and it increases month-over-month, with return visitor % maintaining, so we're doing our job.

We had so much fun with the Mexican restaurant website, we were turned loose on the upstairs speakeasy Los Altos Miami. Alas, that is a topic for another discourse. For the moment, we've helped navigate the eatery through COV19 (hopefully), and are looking forward to helping them grow for the future. Stay tuned.

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