They've got shirts that aren't that color, we've got high-end photo retouching services.


Photo Retouching Services and Website Design for Chaus

For several years we've provided marketing, design, and photo retouching services for Chaus Inc., a rather large fashion company encompassing the Cynthia Steffe, CeCe, CeCe Sport, 1State, and other luxury fashion labels. The breadth and range of our involvement is great; we love working with clients who allow us creative freedom to flex.

On the digital side of our engagement, we've created display banner ad campaigns for various high-end retailers (Nordstrom, Macy's, Dillards), multiple years of seasons of e-commerce assets for the same retailers, and have been assigned seasonal website design changes for several of the labels.

pondSoup has created a mountain of marketing collateral for the various labels. Look book design? Corporate presentation? Catalog layout? Line Sheet runs? Sure. In-store displays? Leave-behinds? Lightboxes? Why not. Let's do it all, fabulously, including photo retouching 1,200 images, on a tight deadline. With a constant stream of top-tier content provided by their photography agency, designing their marketing materials becomes an exercise in editing, as much as creating.



The secret weapon we have in our pocket, especially useful to fashion labels, are high-end photo retouching services. We can make that blemish/tattoo/logo/person/car/building go away, a different color, or a puppy. Honed on too many paparazzi movie premier photos, kitchen cutlery catalogs, and magazine covers to admit, they are formidable. Many of the pictures you see here weren't taken with that background, have clothing that wasn't that color, are actually 7 images all pieced together. We have expertise in photo manipulating and retouching dating back to 1997...when camera's still had film. If you are in need of imperceptible, perfect photo retouching, contact pondSoup today.