Online Learning Management System for one of our offline clients


Custom Learning Management System web development by pondSoup

When Book Nook NYC started exploring an integrated online solution for their burgeoning, pandemic-necessitated virtual classes, they came to pondSoup for potential solutions. We analyzed their requirements, researched Learning Management System applications which integrated with WordPress (their preferred platform), and had an intuitive user interface (their students are 6 months old to 10 years - everyone understood their would be some parental assistance required regardless). Once we identified a LMS which checked all the boxes, our website design and development team got to work.

We have worked with Book Nook for several years. We designed the website for their primary endeavor ( We know their brand aesthetic. We created a website that was familiar to their students and parents, consistent with their branding, but not the same as their main site. Our graphic designer focused on making it easy to find information and register for courses, always from a mobile-first perspective, and then worked hand-in-hand with our developers to ensure the Learning Management System Integration was seamless.

Site built, LMS functional and customized, the next step was selling the actual courses. Our web development team utilized WooCommerce e-commerce for WordPress to monetize the courses, several extensions to customize the registration and checkout experience, and Stripe as a payment gateway.

We launched the site to limited fanfare (the preference is for in-person classes if possible), and our digital marketing efforts are limited to Google Analytics and Search Console integration, on-page organic search engine optimization for several key terms, and a healthy amount of site intra-linking, but we have seen steady and continuous enrollments, and search ranking improvements. Assuming the next societal implosion keeps the electricity on, we'll be ready to keep kids learning.