Property Management Company needs 1 10 100 websites rebuilt.

Accessible ADA Compliant Website Design for 21 Alpha Property Group

We’re pretty solid with Search Engine Optimization for our services and receive a lot of cold-calls for some pondSoup magic. 21 Alpha Group is one such client who found us on Google, dropped a note, and became a member of the family. This property management company had a website from a decade ago, and being based in California needed it not only updated but ADA compliant as well. A quick ADA compliance audit revealed it would be easier to build a new website, than remediate the old, and we were off to the races.

Corporate Design Can be Fun

Developing a corporate website can come with a lot of design restrictions. Fortunately, 21 Alpha’s stakeholders were open to some overarching branding modifications, and allowed us to create a design that worked for existing investors, wooed potential investors, and was buttoned up without being too dry.

ADA Compliance Required

Companies in California operate under more-strict state ADA guidelines than the loose federal recommendations. We produce websites to WCAG2.1 Level AAA compliance for these clients, to obviate any potential future liabilities. In 21 Alpha’s case, it wasn’t just a matter of the law, their residents need full access to their online resources, and many are older and/or differently-abled.

That Went Great!

Can you do it another dozen times?

21 Alpha’s corporate website, it turns out, was only the tip of the iceberg. Many of their over 500 properties have individual websites, and many haven’t been updated in quite some time. We’ve begun working through their portfolio, but as they continually purchase buildings, we’ll be at this for a while. Not a problem.

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