Expedited ADA Website Compliance Services

Your company's website. WCAG2.1 Level AA Compliant. This week. 

Websites should be built to accommodate users regardless of the device they use to experience the site. Accessibility should be considered at every step in the website design and development process, and treated as a core component of the finished, ADA-compliant product.

But it usually isn't.

pondSoup can, in most cases, retroactively modify a website to be ADA compliant. This is called "native remediation," and while it ensures full compliance, it can also be a labor-intensive process.

You might not have time for that.

Your company's website needs to be ADA compliant, now.

You might be reading this because you searched for "Make my website ADA compliant fast." We understand. Legal considerations (some lawyers come knocking) cause consternation for most business owners, CTO's, technical, or marketing directors. We aim to relieve that stress through a combination of native remediation, over time, and Software-as-a-Service, now.

Mockup of 21 Alpha Property Group Website

How we can make your website ADA compliant this week

pondSoup is partners with a SaaS provider, Accessibe, which installs easily on your website - WordPress, SquareSpace, Shopify, custom platform - we install, configure, and the AI starts processing your site. An accessibility overlay is unobtrusively integrated with your site (look in the lower right corner here). And within 48 hours the software has scanned and modified your site as it is presented to your users, to make it accessible.

That gets us about 90% of the way there. If software could handle all aspects of website accessibility, we wouldn't be writing this for you - we'd just say "install the software."

It's not quite that simple.


We'll take some time to fix the big accessibility issues manually

Our SaaS is excellent and the only automated solution we have found that we trust in place of native website remediation. Well, trust to an extent. Our web developers still prefer to manually fix obvious issues - text contrast and sizing, image tags, heading hierarchies - that are "red flags" to the bots lawyers use to identify and harass non-compliant websites.

Technically, the software covers this. But, in our experience, if you have white text on a light yellow background, or 6pt type for the menu of your website, it could still be a problem.

Your documents and media need to be accessible, too

Installing accessibility software, and working through the most egregious errors on a website manually, will make it compliant. However, the documents served by your website (.pdf menus, promotional materials for download, PowerPoint presentations, instruction documents) need to be accessible too. pondSoup can remediate all of your company's documents so everyone can use them. And we can do it quickly.

Videos and audio on your website needs to be ADA compliant as well. We can caption, include descriptive audio tracks and text accompaniments, and in all ways make your media accessible to your entire audience.

Do you need to make your website ADA compliant fast?

If you are reading this, you don't have the time to be reading this. You need to work on a solution for your businesses website now. Fill out the form below, email, or call us. We'll walk you through our process in more detail, prepare an estimate based on your unique needs, and let you know other ways we can help your business along the way.